Plant fibres also dominate the accessories; in fact, lace and crochet work for tapings and trimmings are made of cotton, characterised by heavy embossing.

Glossy effects are developed with silk threads, but also on bright viscose that show macro foliage and flowers with buttery nuances.

Silk, moreover, is criss-crossed with coarse yarns such as linen, jute and hemp for three-dimensional combinations for zippers’ tapings and edges.

Regenerated polyester and nylon anticipate the development of very fine embroidery characterised by layering of vegetation.

Regenerated cellulose enhances the proposal for tags and labels that are embellished with embossed patterns and layered embroidery.

Regenerated plastics are also developed in buttons and buckles where the concept of three-dimensionality is accentuated by organic structures and shapes.

Buckle with lily embroidery and jewel button
Jewel buttons
Buttons with dried and embedded flowers
Buckle and enamel jabot buttons
Woodland buttons in stud compositions
Buckle and iris button in enamelled metal
Rose embroidered label
Label with botanical print
Label with botanical print and organza trimmings
Collar with botanical embroidery
Zipper with strawberry thief
Crepon with rose embroidery
Zipper with bouquet print
Zipper with foliage print
Zipper with rose print and frayed edges
Trimmings with botanical embroidery
Tulle edging with water lily embroidery and garden jacquard tape
Boiserie jacquard tape
Peony jacquard tape and lamé jacquard tape
Jacquard with lily embroidery
Jacquard braids shot with metallic thread
Lily jacquard tapes shot with shaded threads
Ivy jacquard tape and water lily jacquard tape
Tulle edging with frieze embroidery and bouquet jacquard tape
Water lily jacquard tapes shot with shaded threads
Gauze jacquard braid with placed embroidery
Ivy jacquard tape shot with shaded and metallic threads
Rose jacquard tape shot with Lurex and shaded threads
Frieze jacquard tapes
Velvet jacquard tape and rose jacquard tape shot with shaded threads
Macramé bouquet
Edging with rose macramé embroidery
Water lily jacquard ribbon shot with shaded threads and boiserie tape shot with Lurex thread
Reverse rose jacquard tapes
Lily jacquard tape
Rose jacquard tape and boiserie jacquard tape