The materials are atypical, frayed, layered and reminiscent of lake vegetation, but with the idea that the creature grew on fabrics abandoned in the seabed and on the shores.

The nets take their inspiration from the structures of reeds, while the madras and the checks have marshy tones and the camouflages are reminiscent of the metal sedimentation on the banks of rivers.

The structures are full-bodied. In fact, we find felts and cloths enriched with cord trimmings and lichen embroidery; macro structures interwoven with inlaid ribbons, oversize bouclé on which even larger bouclé are woven for a super soft “musky” look.

Rustic fibres meet wool, cashmere and mohair, to create unorthodox basket weave textures.

Plastic effects and natural aspects alternate to evoke the mire of streams, while woolly weave and plastic cord accents characterise the reuse of materials for an ecological aesthetic: we actually find wet-look coatings, rubberised paddings, oiled cottons, glossy matelassé with wool braiding trimmings, uneven embroidery on macro meshes and polyurethanes printed with opaque inks.

Fabrics such as Harris tweed, Viyella, cavalry twill, whipcord, loden cloth and tweed are offered in lacustrine tones and exaggerated textures.

Incrustations on the lake nets inspire the shirt designs; the stylisations of algae and mosses envelop classic checked patterns, camouflage and stripes.

Jacquards are herbaceous, inspired by peat bogs and characterise silty marbling; velvets and velour invigorate sedimentary textures that seem to be preserved on the surface of the water.

Check pattern in cashmere, mohair and lurex bound together with technical fabric
Double layer jacquard with twisted chenille thread inserts
Printed opaque polyurethane
Tartan tweed bouclé embellished with macro bulky yarns
Silk bourette with embroidery application
Layered laser frayed cloths with rope and embroidery applications
Layering of tartan and nylon decorated with 3D panels
Macro checks in mohair
Plastic-coated lace with fish-scale embroidery
Loom houndstooth embellished with satin ribbons
Carded unprocessed degradé wool on a plastic base
Recycled hand-woven nylon
Twill -constructed nylon laminated with a polytetrafluoroethylene film
Embroidery with bulky yarns on double mesh layer
Padding with uneven yarns
Macro glen check embellished with satin ribbons
Jacquard laminated with transparent waterproof film and macro wool rove fabric and bulky yarn trimmings
Tweed with mega padding in coated cotton
Patterned jacquard
Waxed cotton
Featherweight herringbone quilting with layered print
Nylon matelassé with bulky yarn and rubber embroidered detail
Double-face polyurethane on digital printed technical jersey base
Featherweight padded herringbone nylon
Printed jersey with multi-thread embroidery
Marbled jacquard
Layered netting
Wool and viscose woven mesh armour
Marbled jacquard
Check jacquard memory
Double printed tulle layered on a techno jersey tartan pattern
Layered print embossing
Netting made of macro rove fabric and embroidered wool cords
Padded coated cotton with writing lined in mohair
Hand-embroidered and hand-braided mesh in long pile fingering-weight yarn
Regimental camouflage poplin