The accessories, like the fabrics, seem to emerge from an almost childish fantasy universe, where the dimensions are exaggerated and the decorations do not follow the usual stylistic rules.

Trimmings play with dimensions and with patterns: macro-embossing, oblique 3D pleating, carded geometric or animal patterns, macro ruches in felted wool, 3D ruches with macro studs, collages of bubbles on felt bases, patchwork and macro groumette chains with poetic tones.

With a view to reusing materials, including recycled plastics, alternative methods to treat them, such as microinjection and high frequency, have been proposed.

The thread becomes the protagonist with embroideries, materialising with sinuous or geometric shapes, macro dimensions and three-dimensional details.

The labels are protective, out of re-ballooning, with proposals made of recycled Tyvek and nylon.

Edging consisting of macro tubular wool shapes
Embossed treatment on vegan leather
Elaborate motifs with carding
Recycled nylon and EVA resin label
Oblique cut pleating
Woollen padding
Application decoration consisting of micro-injection plastic patterns
Wool carding with variations of nuances
Leather studs and ruches
Airbrushed faux furs
Carding between leather and wool
Embossed effect on leather
Embroidered felt
Pleated and carded trimming
Printed plastic groumette chain with mix of colours
Padded label
Composition with felt edges, recycled nylon buttons and carbon straps with embellished inserts
Silicone inserts and micro-injection embossed plastic labels
Recycled nylon and EVA resin label
Tyvek and felt label
High frequency screen printing on leather
Macro ruches of felted wools
Polyurethane resins on metallic base
Macro three-dimensional appliqué with polyurethane materials and nets
Laser-cut polyurethane bubbles on felt bases
Zip covered with metallic polyurethane film
High-frequency made brush-effect, polyurethane, metallic label
Zip printed with grains of colour