In this theme, natural fibres embrace complex patterns to create timeless materials. In fact, silk is interpreted with iridescent textures such as shantung, taffeta and crepe satin, enhanced by geometric patterns.

Cotton, developed on sateen, cretonne and Panama, is presented with compact characteristics to accommodate shapes and layered graphics.

Changeable patterns such as bird’s eye and piqué draw out the natural fibres and dense structures.

Wool is interpreted in very fresh constructions, mixed with different types of thread such as linen, silk, soya and bamboo for jacquards with rational patterns and three-dimensional textures.

Rayon, cupro and modal blend with regenerated nylon and polyester to create architectural weaves, where alternating glossy and matt give motion to the fabric, providing transparency and lightness to lace and embroidery.

Synthetic fibres such as regenerated nylon, polyester and polytetrafluoroethylene, have useful characteristics for the production of materials with three-dimensional geometric shapes, such as pleats, quilting, light velvets and matelassé.

Stretchy, acetate and metallic fibres inserted in impalpable jacquards represent the dynamic need of this theme, where shapes seem to move and overlap accompanying the fluctuations between compactness and transparency.

The treatments are also designed to depict the light planes and shadow cones that are typical of architecture from the Forties and Fifties.

Lozenge jacquard
Perspective jacquard
Macro lozenge print
Embroidered denim fabric
Poplin with rationalist print
Georgette with volumetric lozenge print
Satin with woven print
Crepe with basket weave print
Embossed jacquard
Embossed jacquard
Georgette with panel print
Jacquard with micro lozenges
Pleated organza shot with raised thread
Jacquard with micro geometries
Coarsely chequered jacquard
Layer printed padded jacquard
Jacquard with micro geometries
Coarse jacquard shot with metallic threads
Cretonne with geometric patterns
Chevron jacquard shot with metallic threads
Poplin with macro block puff print
Satin with planimetry gum printing
Panama with monumental embroidery
Taffeta with dynamic lozenge print
Crepe with geometric animal print
Architectural padded matelassé
Coarse rationalist quilting
Poplin with dynamic print
Satin with geometric gum print
Poplin with perspective lozenge print
Jacquard with criss-crossed lozenges
Crepe with panel printing
Layered perspective laces
Denim with graphic embroidery
Double face jacquard with layered checks
Geometric Lurex jacquard
Organza rhomboid fil coupé
Organza rhomboid fil coupé
Graphic Lurex jacquard
Lozenge jacquard organzas
Laser embroidery with hexagonal patterns
Poplin with geometric print
High frequency axonometric patterns
Organza jacquard with volumetric crochet work shot with Lurex thread
Cornely embroidery with organza ribbons
Geometric lace
Printed origami pleats
Pleated jacquard shot with lamé thread