Research focuses on textures that enhance elongated shapes, for vertical parallelisms made with natural materials, using regenerated animal and synthetic fibres.

Wool is reinterpreted by re-imagining pinstripes, creating patterns with urban lines, graphic layering and parallel micro block colours.

Cotton includes the transformation of poplin, twill weaves and cloth embellished with three-dimensional stripes, but also with seersucker, honeycomb and leno weave fabrics with perspective changes on impalpable textures.

Denim is combined with silky details to play with chromatic proportions, between micro and macro lines.

Coarse fibres such as linen, hemp and jute introduce staggered striped constructions, enriched with shiny treatments or contrasting inserts.

Typically flowing rayon, cupro and modal fabrics are embellished with perpendicular optical patterns.

The natural shine of silk is enhanced by transparencies and Lurex details.

Regenerated polyesters and nylons are lightweight and crinkled, characterised by transparencies and compactness that punctuate the variations between shiny and matt and accentuate vertical reinterpretations of the regimental tie.

Awning-striped devoré
Striped devoré velvet with glitter
Georgette with shaded pigment striped print
Pigment printed embossed cloth with staggered metallic stripes
Crepon with puff print aradonis stripes
Poplin with mixed stripes print
Awning striped ripstop fabric
Organza with over-laminated ink jet printed traditional stripes
Poplin with bengal stripes
Habutay with shaded ink jet printed stripes
Ripstop voile with candy stripes
Organza with printed alternating stripes
Bouclé-effect striped organza with resin-coated drops treatment
Degradé striped satin
Skyline striped satin
Crepe with discontinuous macro stripes
Jacquard embossed with awning stripes
Corduroy with pigment print and glitter
Jacquard fil coupé with urban micro stripes
Pleats with laminated stripes
Gauze with light stripes
Multi-material embossed lines
Devoré satin with pigment printed micro stripes and macro stripes with metallic pigments
Denim jacquard with alternating satin stripes
Unbalanced multi-thread striped jacquard
Pleated jacquard
Jacquard with bouclé stripes and sequins
Shaded pinstripe jacquard
Tone-on-tone pinstripe jacquard
Balanced pinstripe jacquard
Striped bouclé jacquard
Shaded pinstripe jacquard
Colour block pinstripe jacquard
Jacquard with discontinuous stripes
Placed jacquard with alternating stripes
Jacquard with perspective stripes
Jacquard with shaded and colour block stripes
Discontinuous striped jacquard
Balanced pinstripe jacquard
Jacquard with panelled stripes
Poplin with texture print stripes and herringbone stripes
Ripstop with perspective stripes
Aida cloth with panelled stripes
Discontinuous striped jacquard
Brillantine striped satin
Crepe with colour block stripe print
Colour block embossed perspective jacquard
Striped bouclé jacquard