Natural fibres are mixed with synthetic and plant fibres on tapes, for resilient consistencies and compact variations.

Linen combines with viscose on multi-stripe tapes or with drop-needle rib patterns.

Positioned and assembled tapes enhance the zippers.

Silk and cotton alternate in compactly woven jacquard tapes, where the natural subtlety of processing using shaded and degradè threads is accentuated.

Mixing threads with apparently divergent textures provides volumetric patterns on trimmings; in fact, we find ornamentations with alternating textures, made with regenerated nylon and polyester combined with uneven fibres and enhanced by glossy treatments and contrasting coatings.

Regenerated cellulose is used to make perspective buttons.

Multi-zip with unbalanced stripes
Multi-zip with alternating stripes
Zipper with shaded striped taping
Tag with degradé stripes
Tag with barcode stripes
Buttons with micro and macro tone-on-tone stripes
Buttons with printed barcode stripes
Degradé striped braid and tape with discontinuous stripes
Elastics with shaded stripes
Braids with balanced stripes
Embossed jacquard elastics
Jacquard tapes with shaded stripes
Jacquard elastics with discontinuous stripes
Striped skyline shuttle belt
Embossed jacquard tapes
Jacquard tapes with shaded stripes
Jacquard elastics shot with lamé thread
Striped colour block jacquard elastics
Jacquard elastics with perspective stripes
Jacquard ribbon with balanced stripes
Lurex elastic with embossed stripes and jacquard tape with panelled stripes
Jacquard tapes with balanced stripes
Grosgrain tapes with unbalanced stripes
Shuttle belt with skyline striped pockets and grosgrain tapes with balanced stripes
Jacquard tape with alternating stripes and jacquard tape with fil coupé stripes
Embossed jacquard tape and jacquard tape shot with Lurex thread
Edging composed of piping
Braid composed of multi-stripe and tubular tapes
Regency striped tape and tape with discontinuous stripes
Grosgrain tape and jacquard tape with discontinuous stripes
Balanced striped poplin
Shuttle grosgrain tape with bouclé stitching and tape with drop-needle rib pattern