MU HOTEL is an imaginary place that captures the great longing to travel again and share the experiences of new places and different cultures. Spring-Summer 2023 will, therefore, be the first truly carefree holiday season inspiring new projects and mindful awareness of our planet and ourselves.

MU HOTEL is also a spiritual place that expresses hope and positivity but, above all, it is the vision of a new style of Resort Wear, an eco-sustainable holiday in close contact with nature. 

MU HOTEL is a true lifestyle moment in which the fabrics used for hotel furnishings and those of clothing ideally interrelate, where design and fashion coexist and complement each other with references to precious and natural materials.

So for Spring-Summer 2023, Milano Unica returns to the most iconic place for holidays: the hotel. MU HOTEL is situated in three ideal locations: one immersed in the most unspoilt nature, the other on a new generation eco-friendly yacht and, finally, the last one in a city that is a popular destination for its architecture and artistic reputation.