The fabrics have sinuous and crinkled structures, jacquards decorated with spiritual patterns, impalpable lightness with wrinkled looks, cottons with a paper-like touch and woolly yarns with unrefined constructions.

Layer upon layer, these materials acquire new meaning thanks to the seams that put them together, to the embroideries that embellish them and to the combinations that make them layered.

The shirts have flowing prints layered on ethereal motifs, pictorial patches and marks and spun patterned accents on wavy bases.

The playful spirit of macro dimensions is developed through oversize scale-work, origami pleats, embossed stitching, tubular braiding, macro padding and coating on large grids.

A protective aesthetic, where weaves have armour structures, such as rigid mats and basted armour, made comfortable with soft fibres, with carded motifs and inserts of soft rove fabric.

A universe of frivolities is found under these layered structures, developed in the proposed collage where laces and double-face fabrics are put together by dismantling themselves, into transparent tubular structures and into bubble organza.

Seams trace the objective of a visual accumulation: bright micro threads on elaborate organza, accents with delavè cords on double-face tubular nets and floating thread embroidery for micro panelled jacquards.

Armour-like structure with padding
Embroidery with floating yarns
Double-face embroidered with darning stitching in delavé yarn
Eco shearling with macro darning
Embossed flocked wool jacquard
Checked poplin in yarn-dyed shades with graphic accents
Basket weave with recycled materials
Plastic-coated wool
Herringbone-Shibori effect print with graphic accents
Tubular braiding with satin ribbons and wool rove fabric
Frayed jacquard laminated with lace netting
Composition of cloth tubular shapes, denim canvas tubular shapes and satin ribbons
Patchwork with mapping effect technique
Cloth with faded print and degradé carding
Jersey jacquard with oversize embossing
Marbled polyurethane volumetric decoration
Nets laminated with polyurethane finishes
Corduroy with graphic accent
TNT fabric with soft padding
Jacquard with bouclé thread embroidery
Ottoman patchwork on a transparent polyurethane base and tubular shapes embroidered with wool yarn
Silk organza with lurex embroidery
Layer printed denim fabric
Tubular net with embroidery in degradé yarn
Monochromatic velvet patchwork with embellishments and placed graphic accents
Laser cut geometric composition
Jacquard with appliqués embroidered in bouclé yarn alternating with layered selvedges
Velvet patchwork with a denim look
Embroidery padded laminated fabric
Jacquard with layered micro print houndstooth
Heat bonded padding
Denim fabric with graphic accents
Padded bubble velvet
Bubble organza with embroidery
Layer printed fabric with a paper touch
Felt armour embellished with macro wool rove fabric
Jacquard with patterned yarns
Padded techno pleated tulle
Armour structure in faux leather with placed inserts
Bubble quilting with embroidery on lace netting
Woven cotton and rubberised linen on both sides
Unevenly carded striped cloth
Plastic-coated long pile felt
Tartan embroidered with darning stitch
Embellished panelled jacquard
Gauzed and plasticized jacquard with blotches
Coat weight camel hair with lasered openwork
Oversize print on wool cloth