Weaves made with regenerated natural, synthetic or artificial fibres representing volumes and robust three-dimensionality appear in the accessories.

Cotton meets polyurethane for 3D effect jacquard tapes, linen combines with polyester creating optical geometries on the trimmings and nylon mixes with viscose to create a material play with the zippers.

Microfibres, polyurethanes and PVC create actual volumes on embossed trimmings, where high frequency and lasering favour processes with perspectives.

Cellulose is used to create tags and labels with modular patterns.

Plastics and cellulose are also used to construct embossed buttons and buckles, characterised by colour gradations and compositions with graphic design elements.

Origami pleated trimming with abstract print
Geometric buckle and brooch
Volumetric buttons and perspective buckle
Architectural jacquard tapes shot with Lurex threads
Jewel buttons
Jacquard tapes with micro lozenges
Network laser embroidery
Laser embroidery with micro geometries
Jacquard tapes with criss-crossed patterns and shot with shaded threads
Velvet zipper with graphic design matelassé pull tabs
Micro injection zipper with geometric patterns
Label made with modular compositions
Edging with embossed patterns
Edging with embossed patterns
Pleated and printed tape with dynamic ornamentations
Rationalist jacquard tapes
Origami pleated tapes
Origami pleated braid
Zipper with origami edging
Braid composed of gathers and pleats
Trimming with micro injection embossing
Geometric jacquard tape
Planimetry lace tape
Pleated perspective tape