The fabrics are inspired by the archives of historical tailors, where expert hands select obsolete weaves, rich, precious and sophisticated, but forgotten, and reinvigorate them by criss-crossing quality masculine jacquards with satin ribbons, pulling apart houndstooth patterns for elaborate couture-looking weaves and draping shiny silks with micro patterns.

Both transparent and lightweight fabrics in shades inspired by archives and heavier weight fabrics with monochromatic patterns have soft, fluffy and brushed fibres.

Despite its austerity, this theme conceals a subtle irony in its proposal of patterns. Vichy check, plaid, and gingham, normally used in shirts, are also proposed in outerwear weights and upgraded with the use of monochrome tones or oversize volumes.

Double-face fabric represents this irony, by showing a bourgeois face and hiding sparkling fantasies, which are discovered in the reversibility of materials.

Muslin presents an elegant and imposing spirit conceived from the sober evolution of classic stripes to become designs such as the barcode, candy, hairline and pencil, revitalised using glossy and matt contrasts, with unusual placements and tone-on-tone pleated ornaments.

The scent of power also emerges through semi-hidden sheens: satins, taffeta and velvets are united and vibrate through combinations of different textures.

Micro jacquard in patterned yarns
Check jacquard in patterned yarns
Jacquard with micro patch motifs
Double check and layering of long pile bouclé yarn
Check jacquard
Glossy jacquard with moiré pattern
Jacket weight micro houndstooth with long pile alpaca bouclé yarn application
Jacquard patch
Uneven embroidered patch
Extra milled wool cloth with square pattern
Moufflon wool
Raw silk, Radzemire, satin and woollen cloth and silk
Striped handkerchief fabric with lambswool stripes
Layer printed houndstooth
Macro check with wool yarn embellishments
Check in degradé bouclé yarn
Glossy and matt striped poplin
Camel hair double-face check
Coat weight camel hair with lasered openwork
Vintage check in alpaca and mohair
Embroidered and layered print houndstooth
Small check on diagonal structure in pure Shetland wool
Regimental stripes on pure wool fabric
Hairy basket weave with pictorial details
Pure wool maxi houndstooth with knop yarn
Multifibre jacquard
Mohair lined with micro jacquard
Wool crepe gingham laminated with transparent and breathable film
Jacquard with hairy fur yarn application
Chequerboard check with different weaves in wool, viscose and cotton
Coat weight in wool, alpaca and mohair
Weaving with frayed and faded houndstooth tapes
Macro ruches in micro houndstooth
Double-face with micro and macro gingham patterns
Taffeta tartan with satin ribbon appliqué
Balanced striped poplin
Hairline stripes poplin with regimental striped satin ribbon appliqué
Balanced striped poplin
Origami pleating on candy-striped poplin
Patterned jacquard
Matt gloss double-face
Layered print madras
Gingham with hairy fur yarn appliqué
Layered print jersey cloth
Layer printed regimental striped poplin
Jacquard embellished with satin ribbons
Double-face glen plaid in stretch wool
Double-face in baby camel
Double-face jacquard with double pattern
Chequered jacquard with 3D design
Layer printed fabric with a paper touch
Layer printed extra glossy flowing satin