The colour chart for this edition of Milano Unica is inspired by our “Magnificent Passions”, which, in the collective imagination, are often identified with specific colour palettes. The research, therefore, has a twofold significance because, on the one hand, it indicates the Pantone® colours that will distinguish the trends for Fall-Winter 2022/2023 while, on the other hand, it offers an original and sophisticated chromatic interpretation that can express all the moods, emotions and memories that these passions arouse on a personal and global level.

This explains the muted nuances of Betrayal, which refer to that labyrinth of feelings made up of expectations, transgressions and Eros; the bucolic tones found in healthy and minimalist Food; the epidermal nuances of Beauty with its cult of perfect physicality; the festive shades of a hyper-decorative and child-like Christmas; the eco-chromaticity of Ecology and the colour ranges of increasingly fantastic and electrifying virtual worlds of Technology.