Milano Unica, whose research is represented by an assiduous courtship of fantasy and creativity, has created Monsters and Perfumes, an opportunity for a narrative filled with ideas and chromatic, visual and olfactory suggestions, or rather new spheres of reference in which to present the Fall-Winter 2021/2022 trends.

Monsters and Perfumes is a descent into the imagination, into a metaphorical diversion that focuses on the search for beauty and for workmanship in harmony with ecology and sustainability, two key and essential concepts for contemporary, evolved, ethical and responsible production.

Monsters and Perfumes talks about fantastic creatures conceived from recycling various materials such as fabrics, nets, accessories, cork, hooks, rubber and nylon that look vaguely human although out of scale. They are ironic, passionate, sensitive and above all ecological. Not only that, they give off special fragrances with top and middle notes based on the emotions, traditions, wisdom and love for the environment.

Monsters and Perfumes unfolds into three themes that correspond to as many creatures and corresponding fragrances. Specifically: KS#1320 and the technical comfort of the “Perfume of Leisure”; CZ#5381 and the sophisticated and snobby style with its “Perfume of Power”; FX#8568 and the more romantic and primordial aesthetics of the “Perfume of the Soul”.