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Milano Unica for the Fall-Winter 2022/2023 season explores the relationship between the individual, society and the planet, and even more so the intimate, inner relationship, where our desires and hopes, our ideals and criticisms, our conscious and unconscious urges are created and grow. That is where our Passions are born.

The positive and proactive ones, described here as “Magnificent” because they are always prolific with new perspectives both on ourselves and on the world around us.

The theme of Milano Unica, for the next season, will therefore be "Magnificent Passions", chosen from three different stages of sharing: Personal, Social and Planetary. However, all of them are so prevalent that they are now universally experienced as aspirational desires or, in some cases, as pressing needs.

From “Magnificent Passions” originate the trends for Fall-Winter 2022/2023 which, due to lexical modernity, will be called "Stories".

Personal Passions include Betrayal and Food, while Social Passions include Beauty and Christmas. Finally, Planetary Passions include Ecology and Technology.