MILANO UNICA RE-TOUCH! sums up and embodies all the most important themes for contemporary industrial production such as re-use, re-cycle, re-processing, re-digitalisation, by prioritising an important urgency for fabric and accessory manufacturers, that is the action of fingering the raw material, to know and appreciate its qualities.

Touching, grazing, palpating and caressing are all verbs linked to the action of comprehending through the senses, or rather through a single sense: touch.

The physical specificities of fabrics and accessories, such as consistency, softness, lightness, graininess, thickness, gauge, naturalness or rigidity are all sensations that we can “feel” thanks to the contact between body and material.

After a period of strong restrictions against physical contact and after an overdose of relationships at arm’s length and social distancing, Milano Unica has decided to pay homage to the sense of touch as a primordial value of empirical knowledge.

Therefore, for Spring-Summer 2022 trends, Milano Unica leads off precisely from the tactility of fabrics and fashion accessories, to define their specificity and intrinsic value.

Wefts and warps, thread thicknesses, weights, weaves and selvedges, all define an alphabet that will form the letters of the story for next season’s trends.